Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Inhumane Treatment of EcoBank Nigeria Staff By Its Management

The management team of Eco Bank Nig Plc for upward of 2 years have decided to treat its staff like slaves. They make the staffs work till very late from Monday to Friday, and compel them to be at work on most Saturdays and Sundays.  
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Please in God's name who is the Group head Operations of the Bank, who ever you are, this is not being productive or getting the best from your staffs. you compel staffs to be at there desks on Saturday and Sunday under the disguise of

Customer Account Update
ATM Update
Customer migration
Banking software migration

It must be noted that Eco Bank Nig is not the only bank that either got acquired or merged with another bank.How come years after, staffs of the bank are still compelled to go to work on Saturday and Sunday?

All I would like to know is if Eco Bank Nig were to be paying its staff on hourly basis, would this be happening?

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