Friday, June 28, 2013


 "I know a kidney transplant will not cost more than 50K USD. Why are they requesting 100K when so many deals with cheaper hospitals out there in India even in Ghana can be worked out?’"

The above was the statement of Popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim concerning the ailment of Music Producer, OJB Jezreel. She questions the $100,000 reportedly required for his kidney transplant. 

Miss Ibrahim who incidentally runs a kidney foundation also added, "To get the necessary help, those in charge of OJB’s fundraising need to reach out to the right people and stop harassing celebrities for funds."  

While also saying that people should refrain from harassing celebs over donations for the transplant she told fans, ‘Who said your 1000 Naira cannot amount to something that can raise the sum needed for OJB’s transplant’.

Meanwhile fans have continued to harass celebs on social media for alleged poor response to donation requests for the ailing producer’s transplant.

Na wa oooo! This OJB's illness has caused wahala in the media sector. May God have Mercy

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  1. she is very crazy, there are less prices hospital but are they effective, she is very stupid, if she know she can't help then let her shut the fuck up